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Re: Loopstock appreciation


In a message dated 3/4/02 8:07:06 PM, ekstasis1@hotmail.com writes:

>Ted Killian/Bob Sterling.....Ted, you are amazing! And Bob's addition on 
>'peater and drum controller was exceptional!  I loved every moment of your
>set...and really LOVE your CD.  Thanks so much for making the trip all
>the way down.  It was a joy to hear you.

I'm about on the 4th run through of YOUR CD. Thanks for the trade. I think
it's a really fine, lovely piece of work too. You've a gift for melody and 
things together elegantly.

Richard Z. is right. There should have been a table with everybodys CD out
for sale/trade without having to resort to the circus barker "Step right 
here ladies and gentlemen! See the bearded pinhead play the electric 
and buy a CD of this amazing performance today! Yesssireee!!!" :-)