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Re: Loopstock appreciation

Well, I am a processing madman... but just not at that moment.

That high pass filter on the loops was the Alesis AirFX.  One of the 
best $149 purchases I've ever made, IMO.  Fun to watch happen too.  
Maybe you couldn't see I was waving my hand over it from your position.  
Anyway, what I do is "spin the dial" and pick a random program and see 
what it does.  It's not always successful, but often you can get a nice 

Mark Sottilaro

On Tuesday, March 5, 2002, at 11:18  AM, Mark Landman wrote:

> Sleeping- Mark, you shouldn't have told us you were re-connecting power 
> cables, I was convinced that you were a "processing madman" re-patching 
> on the fly... What was that nice high-pass filter effect you used on 
> your loops?