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RE: A Post Loopstock Debriefing

>an effort to all learn who we are (especially
>new-comers to the list like myself)...
I now do executive recruitment for long term care (hence the email address)
as a means to pay the bills but since returning to San Diego have started
doing more gigs (maybe 8 a month), after supporting myself with
*entertainment* work for most of twenty years . . . Guitar and vocals.  
started trying to make two EDPs, a Mackie 1202 (hmm, didn't need a mixer 
now) and a doubleneck Ztar dovetail--maybe if this works I'll actually try
to book a looping gig.
Also, wonder who that Zvonar character bidding on the Day-Glo PMC-10 is???
Kudos to all who made the weekend bash a success (starting with Hans)--I 
to do a gig (oh darn) and also volunteered play for free at my sweetheart's
mother's 80th birthday.  I promise to make it to the next one (?) . . .