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Re: A Post Loopstock Debriefing

>in an effort to all learn who we are (especially
>new-comers to the list like myself)...

Until last November, I was designing CD-Roms and web sites that 
accompanied college-level Computer Science texts for a huge (and 
ultimately evil) publisher from the East Coast who will remain 
nameless.  I've been surviving since then working a couple days a 
week at a used record store, and doing quite a bit of 
engineering/production work either here at my home studio or at a 
couple of local studios. I just finished doing a demo for a very fine 
Tool/Incubus-inspired rock band, last month I mastered a avant-garde 
jazz sax/bass/drums trio, and tomorrow I start producing a CD for a 
local punkish/alt-rock songwriter. I've been rather pleased to find 
that there actually is work in this area doing something I love and 
already have a lot of the gear to do. I am still looking for another 
more stable day gig, but enjoying this while it lasts. I'm also 
gigging a lot, playing bass with an avant funk band 5-10 shows a 
month(!) in addition to occasional Minus gigs.
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