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RE: plex repeater rig..

Yes, basically for a home studio.  I suspect I'll be
proven wrong in time, but after an 'optimal' setup is
determined, dealing with patch cords could be kept to
a minimal unless I want to experiment, perhaps leading
to another 'optimal' setup, ad infinitum.  I'm hoping
basic realtime routing can be done via the mixer's 2
(well, actually 4) aux sends and the Alt 3/4 buss, and
one or two patch cords (he says with astonishing
naivite)...perhaps too cumbersome for a live gig.

I haven't finished hooking everything up yet, so can't
say fer sher fer sher, but I've walked through a
number of scenarios on paper it *seems* I won't have
to deal with *too* many patch cord changes.

I have only the one compressor, and that has more or
less lived on a mic's channel insert, or right before
the EDP in...I'm too lazy to wade through the mess of
wires that existed in the back of the rack to change
that around much.  Now that I have the patchbay,  I
will have much more flexibility.  The compressor is
probably the one thing I'll not have normalled to
anything else.

One thing I have to say is that redesigning my rig has
*really* made me see the necessity of documenting the
design on paper first - dealing with over 20 stereo
mixer inputs, over 10 outputs, 16 midi ins & outs, 96
jacks in the patch bay...what is balanced, what is
not, what midi channel is that Nord listening on, what
mixer channel is the VL1, how am I going to get that
click track into my ear, that channel to the computer,
etc. etc.

I'll sigh a huge sigh when I can go back to makin'


--- "M. Steven Ginn" <sginn@airmail.net> wrote:
> Hi Stephen,
> Sounds interesting.  I have a couple of questions
> though ...
> First, am I to assume this is basically for a studio
> rig, not a live
> rig, right?  It would seem a bit complicated trying
> to make these patch
> changes in the middle of a set, or have you set it
> up to make it easy to
> modify on the fly?
> Second, how do you have your other items
> (compressor, etc.) wired into
> the patchbay?  Do you just try to always have
> compression for example,
> the last thing, just before you send the signal to
> the EDP or Repeater?
> Thanks for sharing your configuration info.
> Steve


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