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RE: plex repeater rig..

Hi Stephen,

Sounds interesting.  I have a couple of questions though ...

First, am I to assume this is basically for a studio rig, not a live
rig, right?  It would seem a bit complicated trying to make these patch
changes in the middle of a set, or have you set it up to make it easy to
modify on the fly?

Second, how do you have your other items (compressor, etc.) wired into
the patchbay?  Do you just try to always have compression for example,
the last thing, just before you send the signal to the EDP or Repeater?

Thanks for sharing your configuration info.


> I recently ripped apart my racks and am reassembling
> them, mostly because I couldn't route things the way I
> wanted - which is to send dry signal of a number of
> synths or mics to the EDP, or to the Repeater, or send
> wet and dry, or just wet.  I also want to send the EPD
> out, processed or not into the Repeater, and vice
> versa.
> While the switchblade looks sweet, I couldn't justify
> the price at the moment, so bought a 1U patchbay. 
> >From my Mackie LM3204 mixer I'll have Aux send 1
> half-normalled at the patchbay to my Lexicon mpx1 FX,
> and Aux send 2 half-normalled to the repeater.  Then
> I'll tap the out of the Aux send 2 at the patchbay and
> route that to the EDP in. That way I can send signal
> to both the EDP and Repeater, muting the dry signal in
> both units.  All FXs, Repeater, and EDP each have
> their own channel in(s) at the mixer.  
> The patchbay will also allow me to insert the RNC
> compressor, micromodule, Lex, or any signal processor
> into any channel I want, including the EDP and
> repeater - (I've found the world is nicer if I
> compress the signal going into the EDP).  I can also
> send any mixer channel, including the out of the EDP
> to any effects, or to the repeater, or both, or any of
> the outs of the repeater to the EDP or any effects, or
> both.  
> At least that how it looks on paper now.  Makes my
> head spin, but I believe after i actually work with
> this setup it'll become second nature.  Or not.
> stephen
> --- mr monk <monk@fuse.net> wrote:
> > i'm going to do a few concerts with phil keaggy
> > (i'll post details later...)
> > and i'm going to re-wire my rack. for the first time
> > i'll have the option of
> > having both the repeater and the plex in the rack (
> > the plex just back from
> > the repair shop after almost a year there....)
> > 
> > anyone want to share their set-up using both?
> > 
> > i'm planning on going into the plex (post pedal
> > board) and into the pcm-70,
> > then into the repeater using two stereo pairs of
> > channels... into the two
> > tweed vibrolux amps....
> > 
> > 
> > thanks.
> > 
> > 
> > monk
> > 
> > 
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