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An echoplex problem

Hello, I am new to the list. Having just bought a "new" echoplex I thought it would be cool to see what some other people are doing with theirs. I am really, really impressed with all the cool postings...etc. But I am still in the stone age I feel when it comes to getting this Plex to work for me! My past experience was with one of the old Maestro units that I had back in 1971-72 playing an old stereo Rickenbacker thru a blackface twin-reverb....awe to go back to those days....anyways.. I have a new echoplex that I am playing thru a Cyber -Twin, a truly amazing amp! I am running the plex thru the effects loop using the Gibson EDP foot switch. I have just got the Boss FV-50 L control pedal that I saw was recommended...But I am not sure if I am connecting it correctly! I know I must appear as a Big Dummy... but do I run a cable from the output or the input of the pedal? I know dumb huh! But I do not seem to get any effect or response either way. How do I connect this? Do I need to adjust the parameters? and I am I not sure if I understand when or how  the feedback works? I know dumber... please if anyone could advise me I would be eternally grateful. 
Thanks, Jeff