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Re: patching/effects loop query

ooo, which reminds me.  if anyone is getting a switchblade, and
doesn't really like spending hours programming settings with
four buttons and an LCD screen, you'll want to use the Winblade
software (free) to configure the box.

i found out the hard way that Winblade does not like Midiman USB
interfaces OR Windows 2000 very much.  use a serial MIDI
interface and a non-win2k/xp (i assume xp anyway) os to run it
on, if you can.

trying to save some hair pulling ...


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Subject: Re: patching/effects loop query

> you're getting a switchblade?  well, with a midi controllable
> 8in x 8out signal routing matrix like that, and programmable
> level adjustments and all, why would you need an effects loop
> piece?  with the sb, you could run linear or parallel as much
> you wanted, and have variations of both schemes available at
> push of a button.  weee!  i got one!  *laughs madly and
> fingers*
> mike