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Re: Balanced / unbalanced connections

> Are there any issues with using a TRS (balanced) cable
> to connect an unbalanced out e.g. repeater, EDP
> (<--token looper content) to a balanced in, say, a
> patchbay?

Usually this is not a problem; if you do not have noise issues.

However, you have to be careful with how your connectors are wired.  If you
use TRS (i.e., stereo) phone plugs on each end wired one-to-one with the
cable, you will probably have problems.  The unbalanced end, say an EDP
(<--token looper content), probably will not place a signal on the ring.
But the balanced end (whatever is connected to the patchbay) expects a
signal on *both* the tip and ring.  Result, higher noise floor, greater
crosstalk, etc.

So the balanced cable itself is rarely a problem.  It's more how the
connectors are wired.

> How about using a TRS cable to connect an unbalanced
> out to an unbalanced in?

Even less of a problem.

Some good info is at:

and in the "Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook" (ISBN: 0881889008 ).

Hope this helps.

Dennis Leas