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patching/effects loop query

hi.  sorry if this is just a tad off-topic...please pardon...

i'm just about to finish my new rack system and i need a few suggestions 
patching.  as of right now, my setup is as follows:

pre --> eq --> edp --> sherman filterbank --> eventide --> poweramp

and i'm having to turn the preamp down and the edp input way down to keep
from clipping within the edp.  there's no dedicated effects loop with the
preamp (older alembic f2-b), so i need some suggestions.  i'll be grabbing 
s.s. switchblade 8b to use as a matrix but should i get some sort of 
loop piece to eliminate my current linear setup?  as of right now, my
poweramp is the only source of volume change that i can use without 
something somewhere and i'd like total control from the preamp.

any suggestions are very much appreciated.

thanks in advance.