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Re: Quadraphonic @ Loopstock? logistics? recording?


If you're flying in from Boston, the least I can do is offer you some floor
space.  It's going to be about as crowded as the performance schedule on
Saturday night, but I've got lots of floor and a big yard.  If you're not
into sleeping bags, I can send you a hotel listing tomorrow from work -
maybe someone will want to share a room?

Regarding taping, as long as none of the performers (or their record
companies) object, please have at it.  I could rent a DAT, but that's about
the last thing I need to worry about that day.  My only stipulation:  I 
a copy.  So will everyone else.  My SPDIF OUT will go to the taper with the
highest bit depth who is able to record the whole show.


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> after taking a look at how crazy this Loopstock shindig was
> shaping up to be, i plopped down money last minute on a plane
> ticket (only $400 from boston at the time, whew, it was getting
> close to > $1k) and i'm carting my butt down there pronto,
> reefers or no.  don't know why i didn't before, frankly.
> but as i've never been in CA for more than roughly 30 minutes on
> the ground (spent most of that running through a terminal and
> noting how lovely the weather looked outside in san fran), i was
> wondering a few things:
> would any nice local CA people happen to know of a place to stay
> in San Luis or thereabouts?
> i'm flying into san jose, staying a couple nights with a friend,
> and then driving down to san luis saturday morning, and driving
> back up to san jose sometime on sunday (catching a plane early
> monday morning).  if anyone needs to get down to san luis from
> san jose and back, doesn't have the means yet, and can fit that
> schedule, i'd be happy to carpool, fwiw.
> also, did hans or someone already detail what kind of taping
> policy/setup was happening?  just curious ...
> love,
> mike