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Re: Quadraphonic @ Loopstock? logistics? recording?

after taking a look at how crazy this Loopstock shindig was
shaping up to be, i plopped down money last minute on a plane
ticket (only $400 from boston at the time, whew, it was getting
close to > $1k) and i'm carting my butt down there pronto,
reefers or no.  don't know why i didn't before, frankly.

but as i've never been in CA for more than roughly 30 minutes on
the ground (spent most of that running through a terminal and
noting how lovely the weather looked outside in san fran), i was
wondering a few things:

would any nice local CA people happen to know of a place to stay
in San Luis or thereabouts?
i'm flying into san jose, staying a couple nights with a friend,
and then driving down to san luis saturday morning, and driving
back up to san jose sometime on sunday (catching a plane early
monday morning).  if anyone needs to get down to san luis from
san jose and back, doesn't have the means yet, and can fit that
schedule, i'd be happy to carpool, fwiw.

also, did hans or someone already detail what kind of taping
policy/setup was happening?  just curious ...