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Re: Quadraphonic @ Loopstock? logistics?

In a message dated 2/20/02 5:08:31 PM Eastern Standard Time, hans@ernieball.com writes:

If I were to set up the sound system to
allow for four-channel sound at Loopstock, would you make use of it? 

why dont we get in the guinness (sp) book of records for the most loops going on at one time or something like that.....i originally thought that it would be neat to have everyone set up at the same time and see what this would sound like but thats just not natural!.....by the by, i will be in la next thursday, staying with an old school chum, he has folks also in from washington so i do not think he will be interested in loops galore.....ergo, i may need a ride from la and back to la for a sunday flight  back to pgh.....first ten callers get a copy of ron poepils "music for chopping".....if anyone can give me a lift please contact me ol.....:)m