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Re: Loopstock idea


In a message dated 2/19/02 11:30:20 AM, hans@ernieball.com writes:

>BTW, do you guys want to be known to the world as "The Ted Killian and
>Dr. Bob duo," or do you guys have another name?

Hmmmm, I honestly hadn't thought of that. Gee, how about just calling 
us "Ted Killian with Special Guest Bob Sterling" -- that is really the true
nature of what we will be presenting. Bob is a drummer with a long history 
of mostly Jazz performance on both coasts. He originally studied with Jack 
DeJohnette in NYC. The "Dr." comes from his day gig as an ER surgeon in LA.
He's a fabulously talented and intense sort of guy. We don't get to play 
often anymore since I moved up north from SoCal. I can't speak for him, 
but it's always an inspiring experience playing with him -- one that 
happen nearly often enough. I have high hopes/expectations for the 
opportunity you've presented us with. We push each other out of each
of our respective "comfort zones" a lot -- a scary and exciting experience.
I may bring a few "prefab" loops from my CD "Flux Aeterna" on the BOSS
sampler (along with some new ones) . . . but in all likelihood we'll be 
making it up as we go.