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new mexico radio spam - - *most likely* ot

Title: new mexico radio spam - - *most likely* ot


i think there are some folks in the albuquerque area .  . .

thursday, 21 feb, at 12:06 p.m.

"all dat jazz" on kunm (89.9) will be having a program featuring a lot of my music.

i'm not really sure if there will be any stuff with loopage in it, it depends on what the host is going to play. if it's my composed/improv stuff, the chances are that there will be no loopage (unless he plays the "concerto" for nels cline); if it's the more improv oriented stuff, it *may* have some loopage in there.

i did some phoned-in intros to some of the stuff, so you get to hear me blow some hot air, too.

back to our regularly scheduled stuff . . .