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Re: Loopstock idea


It doesn't sound like I'll need a stereo send from you.  However, I'll 
be able to give the house a better mix if Dr. Bob runs through the P.A.

BTW, do you guys want to be known to the world as "The Ted Killian and Dr. 
duo", or do you guys have another name?


KILLINFO@aol.com wrote:

> My drummer is definitely planning on coming now and is thinking about
> bringing
> his whole electronic kit (Handsonic, Octapad, V-Drum kit, and Repeater).
> If you need us to plug into the PA we can still provide right and left 
> pairs for each of us. But . . . I think we'll be plenty loud enough on 
>our own
> and won't need the reinforcement. I'd just as soon not worry (or bother)
> about
> it anywho . . . [:-)>
> Hope this helps.
> Ted Killian
> www.mp3.com/TedKillian
> www.pfmentum.com/flux.html