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Re: doublenecks-slightly ot

Do you mean ready-made bodies?  For those two combinations?!  That will 
certainly have to be custom-made.  Or do you just want a really wide piece 
wood that you can have your way with?

You'll probably have better luck with the necks, but I just checked Stewart
Macdonald and they don't offer either one.  I'd try Warmouth - I've heard 
a lot
of good things about them from guys here at Ernie Ball.  Also, is it Moses 
makes the graphite replacement necks?  I think Status does, too, if you're 


scott kungha drengsen wrote:
> I'm interested in building a doubleneck
> Perhaps 12 string guitar and fretless 12 string guitar
> Perhaps 6 string bass and 12 string guitar
> Can anyone recommend a company for body and neck blanks??
> Thanks everyone!!