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RE: DL4 modification...

> From: Mike Killian [mailto:kili@swbell.net] 
> If regular CAT5 wire would work for this, would 25 pair 
> standard telephone cable work, also?  

I don't see why it wouldn't work.  It's just a matter of shorting the
right 2 connections.  If you unscrew the back plate of the Line6 gear
it's pretty obvious where the stomp switches are soldered to the board,
then it's just a matter of identifying which 2 need to be shorted in
order to activate the pedal.

The expression pedal was a bit different.  The solder connections are
obvious, but the resistance isn't the same from the board as it is from
the pedal alone.  So instead I ran my pair of wire for the expression
pedal out through the hole in the casing -- there's enough space -- and
soldered a 90 degree 1/4 jack to them.  This jack is always plugged in,
so the wires will suffer only minimum wear.

> From: rich [mailto:rich@nuvisionsca.com] 
> thank you for your time and input on this.  i, for one, was a bit 
> suspicious of your DL4 mod, especially since you were so modest about 
> your electrical engineering skills!  :)

And you still shouldn't trust my Electrical Engineering skills.  I'm
competent at installing guitar pickups -- and now momentary switches....
;^)  Although my next project involves ripping apart an old PC keyboard
and mouse as the ultimate midi foot controller.....