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Re: Central Coast Loopfest

Hi Hans...

I'm afraid I won't be able to make it at this point. Too many saturday
commitments have stacked up in March with my son and wife. Best of luck
though and have a GREAT show!


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Subject: Central Coast Loopfest

> Dear Loopers,
> First off, allow me to apologize for not contacting you sooner.  I wanted
to get
> all of my ducks in a row before getting everybody all worked up.
> Things were very touch-and-go over the past week, but we have confirmed
> Drum and Dance Studio (formerly Higher Movement Drum and Dance Studio) on
> Francis St. in San Luis Obispo as a final venue for the Loopfest 
> rather like Andre's title of "Loopstock").  This spot will give us plenty
> room, and we shouldn't have any complaints from the neighbors.
> The Loopfest will take place on Saturday March 2nd, 2002 from 3-10 pm.
> and sound checks will be from 2-3, workshops from 3-4, and performances
> 4-10.  Each performer/group will have 30 minutes to do their thing.
> The sound system will be as follows: JBL 1x18", 1x15", 1x12", 1x1.5" per
> quad-amped, for a total of about 2000W per side.  Floor monitors will be
> 1x12" + 1x1.5", 600W times two.  On your end, hopefully you will be 
> either a stereo pair (or mono) on 1/4" phone plugs or XLR, or else I can
mic a
> cabinet or three.  Also, please try to consolidate your power into a
> plug, if possible.  If you have special needs, please let me know ASAP 
> chances are that I can accommodate you (i.e. tables, blacklights, etc.).
> I will have a video projector there, so if you are accustomed to working
with a
> video backdrop (or want to), we can do that.  Bring a tape, DVD, or
> I'm trying to get someone to record the whole festival to DAT or hard
drive, but
> I haven't confirmed anything yet.  Any volunteers?  Also, I encourage
> to bring their cameras and/or video cameras for posterity.
> For anyone in town Friday night March 1st, armatronix will be performing
> loop-based electronic dance music at Sweet Springs Saloon in Los Osos 
> 9-1:30ish.  This will be a fundraiser for the Loopfest, but loopers will
> provided a secret password to get in for free.  Sweet Springs is an easy
> from Armatron Studios, the home for homeless and/or drunken loopers on 
> Central Coast.
> *****  At this time, I need to confirm everybody who is planning on
> so that I can come up with a schedule of performances and also spam the
> Please provide me with a group name or alias if you will be using one.  
> addition, I would like a brief (half-page maximum) bio from everyone so
that I
> can start to spam the local media and make a festival program.  Include
> contact information.  Please try to get me this info by Thursday, if at
> possible.  Also, please let me know approximately how much space you will
> to set up.
> If there are any questions, feel free to e-mail me at hans@ernieball.com
> armatronix@charter.net on weekends), or call (805)534-1009
> I look forward to seeing you all!
> Yours,
> -Hans Lindauer
> P.S.  I'll carbon-copy this to Looper's Delight, so sorry to everybody 
> this one twice.