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Re: CD promo spam - Alias Zone "Lucid Dreams" in the charts

> Our band Alias Zone's CD, "Lucid Dreams" <http://www.aliaszone.com>
> has just reached #1 in the top 100 chart for NAV (New Age Voice -
> despite the name, a catchall for ambient, new age, world fusion,
> space music, etc.).
> <http://www.newagevoice.com/chart11.htm>
> The disc was originally self-produced and self-promoted last year by
> member Chris Meyer, and it has been picked up by Valley Entertainment
> <http://valley-entertainment.com>.

Congrats on the success, Richard - that's great news.

Does anyone on list have back issues of NAV? I was informed by them that 
they'd reviewed my album ages ago, but never did see
the review (perhaps it was less than positive, and they didn't want to 
send it to me... dunno) - but if anyone has seen it in
there, I'd love to hear what it said...