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Central Coast Loopfest

Dear Loopers,

First off, allow me to apologize for not contacting you sooner.  I wanted 
to get
all of my ducks in a row before getting everybody all worked up.

Things were very touch-and-go over the past week, but we have confirmed 
Drum and Dance Studio (formerly Higher Movement Drum and Dance Studio) on 
Francis St. in San Luis Obispo as a final venue for the Loopfest (although 
rather like Andre's title of "Loopstock").  This spot will give us plenty 
room, and we shouldn't have any complaints from the neighbors.

The Loopfest will take place on Saturday March 2nd, 2002 from 3-10 pm.  
and sound checks will be from 2-3, workshops from 3-4, and performances 
4-10.  Each performer/group will have 30 minutes to do their thing.

The sound system will be as follows: JBL 1x18", 1x15", 1x12", 1x1.5" per 
quad-amped, for a total of about 2000W per side.  Floor monitors will be 
1x12" + 1x1.5", 600W times two.  On your end, hopefully you will be giving 
either a stereo pair (or mono) on 1/4" phone plugs or XLR, or else I can 
mic a
cabinet or three.  Also, please try to consolidate your power into a single
plug, if possible.  If you have special needs, please let me know ASAP and
chances are that I can accommodate you (i.e. tables, blacklights, etc.).

I will have a video projector there, so if you are accustomed to working 
with a
video backdrop (or want to), we can do that.  Bring a tape, DVD, or laptop.

I'm trying to get someone to record the whole festival to DAT or hard 
drive, but
I haven't confirmed anything yet.  Any volunteers?  Also, I encourage 
to bring their cameras and/or video cameras for posterity.

For anyone in town Friday night March 1st, armatronix will be performing
loop-based electronic dance music at Sweet Springs Saloon in Los Osos from
9-1:30ish.  This will be a fundraiser for the Loopfest, but loopers will be
provided a secret password to get in for free.  Sweet Springs is an easy 
from Armatron Studios, the home for homeless and/or drunken loopers on the
Central Coast.

*****  At this time, I need to confirm everybody who is planning on 
so that I can come up with a schedule of performances and also spam the 
Please provide me with a group name or alias if you will be using one.  In
addition, I would like a brief (half-page maximum) bio from everyone so 
that I
can start to spam the local media and make a festival program.  Include 
contact information.  Please try to get me this info by Thursday, if at all
possible.  Also, please let me know approximately how much space you will 
to set up.

If there are any questions, feel free to e-mail me at hans@ernieball.com 
armatronix@charter.net on weekends), or call (805)534-1009 

I look forward to seeing you all!


-Hans Lindauer

P.S.  I'll carbon-copy this to Looper's Delight, so sorry to everybody who 
this one twice.