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Re: What are we listening to today?

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Sent: Friday, February 08, 2002 3:10 PM
Subject: What are we listening to today?

This is always fun to hear, so I'm wondering what you are all listening to?


Today I'm listening to the Driftworks box set put out by Big Cat records. 4 cds, Nijiumu live, Paul Schutze Stateless, Thomas Koner Nuuk, and Pauline Oliveros & Randy Raine-Reusch In the Shadow of the Phoenix. Anyone familiar with this collection?  I picked it up awhile ago, then it became misplaced during a move, so I just rediscovered it last night. It's definitely setting the vibe for today, because I need to get some writing done for work.

All the newly re-released Alice Coltane cds have been on strict rotation since Tuesday