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finally, loop NY

I did not in fact expire or move to Bali
and I have finally managed to get
something rather nice together
for New York loopers.

Saturday afternoons starting February 23,
Chama, a small shop on 4th St and Ave D,
will be hosting an Open Loop... continuous
live looping from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.

There is a $2 admission fee and you'll be
able to get tea, coffee and snacks as well
as exotic books and bee products!

We're going to have at least 12 channels
free for people to plug into the board.

The space is quite small (there IS a stage,
though) so large things like amps and drumkits
will be probably be out...

Chama is a very comfortable space and I imagine
that it's going to be a great hang out scene.

The volume level will be comparatively low...
there aren't any noise restrictions but it's a
Saturday afternoon!  It's anticipated that
there will be NO ONE playing much of the time,
just various loops decaying for a long period.

I'll send a further message with the address,
phone number and exact times.   We'll have
the web site up with the details before I make
an official announcement.

Feel free to just drop in on a whim
on the 23rd or any Saturday
or send me email offlist if you want
to informally fix a time to play.



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