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Re: What are we listening to today?

Cinemascape-Orchestral Film Scores streaming MP3 station on Live365
Elliott Sharp-Just about everything
Mike Keneally- Wooden Smoke
Tenacious D
Conlon Nancarrow- Studies for Player Piano
Skip James
my own stuff while mixing....

On 2/8/02 at 10:10 AM, CarlJacobson@cakewalk.com wrote:

> This is always fun to hear, so I'm wondering what you are all listening 
> Today I'm listening to the Driftworks box set put out by Big Cat 
>records. 4
> cds, Nijiumu live, Paul Schutze Stateless, Thomas Koner Nuuk, and Pauline
> Oliveros & Randy Raine-Reusch In the Shadow of the Phoenix. Anyone 
> with this collection?  I picked it up awhile ago, then it became 
> during a move, so I just rediscovered it last night. It's definitely 
> the vibe for today, because I need to get some writing done for work.
>  <mailto:carljacobson@cakewalk.com> Carl Jacobson
> P.S. I never thanked everyone for their recommendations on the DL-4.  I
> picked it up and I am very happy with it. 
> TThThaThanThankThanks
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