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WWOT, and no loop content. (Repetitive though) was Re: SERIOUS VIRUS WARNING FOR YOU PERSONALLY!!!

> Lose Outlook and you'll never get a virus again.
> (Lose Windows and you'll be a happier person but
> that's a big wrench for most people.)

So what do you use? Wait, what choice do we have? Do you mean... a MAC? 
what if I'm not ready for that? I'm not sure if I'm man enough to be part 
the Saturn driving crew. I did eat some quiche for breakfast, though...

> Just in case you haven't noticed... basically ALL viruses to date
> work EXCLUSIVELY on Microsoft products.  Since I don't
> use any Microsoft products (partly because they have
> very little interest in making them secure) I have
> never gotten a virus.

What??? I've NEVER heard that before!! Wow!! Why is it that no-one macs
virus for the mac? Could it be that macs are inherently superior in every
way? What about their users? Do they never get a cold, either? Are they 
inherently superior members of a master race? Do you think we know 
they don't?

> The fix is in with the media and they never tell
> you this fact...

Naturally, it's part of the grand plot to stomp down macs and their users.
All run by Bill, and the Taliban, of course. I hear that he sleeps with the
devil. Or perhaps Steve Jobs.