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Re: WWOT, and no loop content. (Repetitive though) was Re: SERIOUS VIRUS WARNING FOR YOU PERSONALLY!!!

On Tuesday, November 27, 2001, at 12:23 PM, Jonathan El-Bizri wrote:

>> Lose Outlook and you'll never get a virus again.
>> (Lose Windows and you'll be a happier person but
>> that's a big wrench for most people.)
> So what do you use? Wait, what choice do we have? Do you mean... a MAC? 
> But,
> what if I'm not ready for that? I'm not sure if I'm man enough to be 
> part of
> the Saturn driving crew. I did eat some quiche for breakfast, though...

That's right Jon.  Perhaps you're still not ready.  Not everyone is made 
for such an advanced OS.  Remember the Prime Directive on Star Trek?  
It's something like that.

>> very little interest in making them secure) I have
>> never gotten a virus.
> What??? I've NEVER heard that before!! Wow!! Why is it that no-one macs
> virus for the mac? Could it be that macs are inherently superior in 
> every
> way? What about their users? Do they never get a cold, either? Are they 
> also
> inherently superior members of a master race? Do you think we know 
> something
> they don't?

We mean no harm.  If we wanted to kill you, you'd already be dead.  
We're only here to study you.

>> The fix is in with the media and they never tell
>> you this fact...
> Naturally, it's part of the grand plot to stomp down macs and their 
> users.
> All run by Bill, and the Taliban, of course. I hear that he sleeps with 
> the
> devil. Or perhaps Steve Jobs.

Actually, it was an anamatronic Ethel Merman.  Weird, eh?

Marklar of Marklar