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Re: WWOT, and no loop content. (Repetitive though) was Re: SERIOUS VIRUS WARNING FOR YOU PERSONALLY!!!

Jonathan El-Bizri (12:23 PM 11.27.2001) wrote:

 >> Lose Outlook and you'll never get a virus again.
 >> (Lose Windows and you'll be a happier person but
 >> that's a big wrench for most people.)
 >So what do you use? Wait, what choice do we have? Do you mean... a MAC? 
 >what if I'm not ready for that? I'm not sure if I'm man enough to be part 
 >the Saturn driving crew. I did eat some quiche for breakfast, though...

I can't tell if you're being serious or tounge-in-cheek, but Eudora and 
Pegasus are popular choices for Windows email clients.