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Re: just beginning need help

An acquaintance of mine mics his didges for looping using a Radio Shack PZM
that's been removed from its square zone plate and mounted a few inches
inside the end of the didge (the far end, not the beeswax mouth end). It's
remarkably isolated from bleed.

A while back, I posted a question regarding finding an XLR-equipped volume
pedal to prevent bleed on the SM57 in my rig. Since I never did locate one,
what I finally ended up doing was to plug the mic into one side of a
MidiMan Audio Buddy preamp, then from there to a regular volume pedal, then
to a Fostex processor set up for 'verb on one side and pitch shift on the
other, and then on into two channels of my mixer. It works very well; when
I want hands-free control of what enters the loop via the mic, I just use
the volume pedal. I  use regular monitors, making sure to position them out
of the mic's pickup field just like you would for a vocalist.


>a tricky thing with that set-up it seems to me would be using mics to 
>record your instruments. while listening back to the loop in 
>headphones you would need to be sure there is no bleed from the 
>phones, or anything else, into the mic input, since it will be 
>amplified in the loop. 

>>William Mcallister wrote:
>>>I'm also new and have some of the same questions. Can you put everything
>>>into a mixer set your levels then in to the looping device? My main
>>>instruments I'm looping are Didgeridoo and hand drums some electronic