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Re: just beginning need help

a tricky thing with that set-up it seems to me would be using mics to 
record your instruments. while listening back to the loop in 
headphones you would need to be sure there is no bleed from the 
phones, or anything else, into the mic input, since it will be 
amplified in the loop. also, you probably want a limiter and noise 
gate on the mic input... depends on if you are improving live or just 
taking short samples i guess.

just my two cents,

>William Mcallister wrote:
>>I'm also new and have some of the same questions. Can you put everything
>>into a mixer set your levels then in to the looping device? My main
>>instruments I'm looping are Didgeridoo and hand drums some electronic
>>percussion. thanx ahead of time. BongoBill



Jeff Blanding



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