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Re: just beginning need help

>>>I'm also new and have some of the same questions. Can you put everything
>>>into a mixer set your levels then in to the looping device?

I loop live drums and percussion.  I don't use any electronic percussion, 
a real challenge for me is to keep acoustic feedback out of the mix.  Mic 
placement is very important, as is using a mic that has good rejection 
the rear.  I'm loving my SM57's, and I mic the bass drum on the beater 
(decent enough sound with EQ).

I put all the mics into a 1402 Mackie mixer.  I have aux3,4 assigned to my 
repeater and another aux assigned to my EDP.  I am very carefull only to 
assign mics that I will be using to go to the loop to keep feedback to a 
minimum.  The EDP and repeater each return to their own channel, so I can 
audition them before bringing them into the mix.  I have had the best luck 
using headphones to hear myself and trying to keep stage sound to a 
(when possible).  If anyone wants to hear more about my setup, I would be 
happy to go further in depth.

Hope this helps!  My best advise would be to start simple and learn your 
tools first.  I was really glad that I started with just one mic, into my 
EDP, going to a speaker.  I really learned how to use the EDP that way, 
gradually added more as I became more confident.  I always try to remind 
myself (without effect) that _more_ gear is not always better!
ps.  DL4, boomerang, repeater, and EDP all make excellent first loopers!

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