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RE: Discrete/Ambient/SoundScape/Whatever

eno's famous story of coming up with ambient music involved something 
like this. if i remember right, he was in the hospital (from a car 
accident i think it was) and someone set the record player volume too 
low, and he couldnt get out of bed to raise it, and ended up barely 
hearing the music mixed in with the environmental sounds around him. 
thus he ended up with the idea for music that would "support multiple 
levels of attention", or something like that.


>Eno descibes something in a Wired interview he did a few years ago where
>he recorded a two minute loop of street noise and listened to it over
>and over.  At a certain point he came to anticipate and love each event
>such a car passing.  It makes sense to me.



Jeff Blanding



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