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Re: Discrete/Ambient/SoundScape/Whatever

I've called this, when walking around and finding a good mix of 
disparate sound sources, an "Ives point" or "Ives moment".

One of the best of these was when I lived in Brookdale on a hill on 
one side of a valley in the Santa Cruz mountains. I walked out my 
front door and heard one of the most fantastic singing drones. After 
regaining the ability to walk I walked down the hill towards what we 
euphemistically called "town". I was about a half of a mile down the 
road before I saw the source of the angelic drone: several men on the 
roof of the Brookdale Lodge using circular power saws. It was 

More on the Brookdale Lodge, which is rumored to be haunted: 


At 2:00 PM -0800 11/19/01, Allan Hoeltje wrote:
>All this Eno/Fripp talk has got my loopie juices flowing.
>Every once and a while I will be in a noisy public place and I will
>experience a phenomenon for which there must be a name.  All the sounds in
>the place are competing for my attention/interpretation and the result is 
>perceived piece of music which is greater than the sum of its parts.
>The best place I've found for this is the Metro where there will be two or
>three distant boomboxes, rhythmic train sounds, unintelligible 
>on the PA, and lots of other background noise fading in and out of the 
>Its as if my brain is desperate to hear a coherent melody and harmony and 
>creates it.
>Has anyone here experienced this?  Is there a name for it?  W. A. Mathieu
>("The Listening Book") talks about listening to background sounds as if 
>were music but I don't remember him giving it a name or describing that
>which is heard as a synthesis created from the background.

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