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Re: Discrete/Ambient/SoundScape/Whatever

yeah -inquirin minds wanna know-what is it called?
here is what happens to moi: there is this 2 day concert thang in the bay
area-sf,cali and its called 'new orleans by the bay' at the shoreline
ampitheatre,and when i approach the venue there are multiple stages so 
is a number of bands playing at the same time but still far enough away 
each other so they dont interfere w/one another-but you can stand in 
sweet spots and hear 2 or 3 bands at the same time and if ya cock yer head
in the right direction you get this multi dimensional-multi
timbral-polyrhythmic glorious sound. is it music,noise or what but i make
sense out of it and sounds beauteous.

on 11/19/01 2:00 PM, Allan Hoeltje at ahoeltje@best.com wrote:
> Every once and a while I will be in a noisy public place and I will
> experience a phenomenon for which there must be a name.  All the sounds 
> the place are competing for my attention/interpretation and the result 
>is a
> perceived piece of music which is greater than the sum of its parts.
> The best place I've found for this is the Metro where there will be two 
> three distant boomboxes, rhythmic train sounds, unintelligible 
> on the PA, and lots of other background noise fading in and out of the 
> Its as if my brain is desperate to hear a coherent melody and harmony 
>and so
> creates it.
> Has anyone here experienced this?  Is there a name for it?  W. A. Mathieu
> ("The Listening Book") talks about listening to background sounds as if 
> were music but I don't remember him giving it a name or describing that
> which is heard as a synthesis created from the background.
> -Allan