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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

>They don't work very well as audio
>volume controls since they don't go to full off when backed out all the
>way, unlike EBalls.


really?  can't you adjust that via the small adjustment knob on the 
side?  if they won't go totally off, what good are they as volume 

i must admit, i used an ernie ball for a short while, and dumped it 
when the responsiveness was too sluggish for me.  yes, it would go 
full off, but the ramp up to full volume seemed too concave for 
me...too little too late, then full volume.

maybe just me and my style/rig...i know loads of folks love 'em.

these pedals would be used with my mixer aux sends.  i'll have the 
aux sends pots up to unity gain, then use the volume pedals to 
control input to jamman and mofx.  then these will return to their 
own channels on the mixer.

are you sure about them not going all the way off?  that would 
definitely put a cramp in my proposed setup.  100 bucks a pop for the 
ernie ball boat anchors is a bit steep for me.

thanks for the a.m.s. connection!  i'll take a look.