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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

>i must admit, i used an ernie ball for a short while, and dumped it 
>when the responsiveness was too sluggish for me.  yes, it would go 
>full off, but the ramp up to full volume seemed too concave for 
>me...too little too late, then full volume.

If the value of the potentiometer is higher than the input impedance 
you connect the pedal to, you get this effect.

>maybe just me and my style/rig...i know loads of folks love 'em.
>these pedals would be used with my mixer aux sends.  i'll have the 
>aux sends pots up to unity gain, then use the volume pedals to 
>control input to jamman and mofx.  then these will return to their 
>own channels on the mixer.

there it is, the mixer probably has 20kOhm input and the pedal 100kOhm or 

Most pedals that dont reach 0 can be mechanically adjusted, just 
loosen the pot a bit and turn it until its all closed.


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