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Re: original vs. good

on 11/19/01 8:50 AM, Steve Lawson at steve@steve-lawson.co.uk wrote:

>> BTW Steve-I am a closet Kajagoogoo fan.
>> Kungha
> Scott,
> I think deep down inside, we all are,

Or will be, once they got those microchips implanted in all our heads....

As to originality:
Sometimes I think that having so much recorded music available so readily 
a hindrance.  Sometimes forgetting & confabulating are just what you need 
get to a new spot.  Recycling/reshaping old ideas into new is not always so
simple if the spectre of musics past is either a turn of the radio dial or 
buttonpush on the CD player away.

But I think it's possible & good to ignore a lot of that.  Screw the fact
that anyone can plainly see that all you've done is "steal" from Lothar and
the Hand People & the Love Unlimited Orchestra.   If it feels good, play