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Re: proel volume/expression pedals


thank you very much.  i've contacted proel italy via the website, and 
they've referred me to email proel usa.  i haven't heard back from 
them yet.  do you know of anyplace i can order these online?  none of 
the major stores in this area seem to carry them.  i'm in southern 



>I am using exclusively these pedals.  They work quite well for me.  I
>use them both as volume control pedals, controlling e.g. EDP's volume
>and feedback (through midi or directly), expression pedal for other
>midi controls (through my Yamaha MFC 10), etc.  The only potential
>disadvantage might be for some that they are lightweight.  But you can
>always add some little rocks to the bottom :-)  The pot works for
>defining the minimum volume.  I don't have any comparison to other