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I would say that on the subject of Originality, discussions about it are, 
to me at least, hugely helpful. Mainly because
there is generally all manner of minutae that gets fluffed up in the 
process, and as DT so aptly said in response to my
original post, the answers are deeply personal. I love talking about 
music, almost as much as listening to it or playing it -
one of the best things about my last mini tour of the California was the 
chance to discuss improvisational approach and
concept with Rick Walker (a hugelyhugelyhugely inspiring and creative guy 
to spend time with and play with) and with Michael
Manring and Max Valentino, and also with Andre LaFosse and Ric Hordenski 
at the LA Loop Fest - I got ideas from listening to
each of them (I've got a couple of pieces on the go at the moment that are 
conceptually utterly indebted to Andre - exploring
the 'replace' function on my JamMan after seeing him do his amazing stuff 
with the EDP) but also from talking to them...

...no there's a thought - a music 'training' weekend/band camp concept, 
where noone is allowed to bring an instrument, just
CDs in order to show where you're coming from? :o) Talktalktalk and 
probably end up deeply confused, but  in a good way...