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Re: (OT) Who wants to review Claude's new album for the list ?

This is a major event. Not because Claude has been an exelent host 
and contributor to our work, but because he plays really well and 
fluently dominates a very complex system of loops, sequences and 
filtering/panning he worked out.
So, although I did not hear the CD yet, I did hear his impros enough 
to say that its PIONEER WORK!

>Its a great joy to announce to my prefered loopy community that I made
>it. its out.
>the "brand new from the factory" CD of [SeeWhat?
>"Electro/Acoustic/Ambient"][ Disques Office ref. 65315] is in my hands
>the national distribution in switzerland is done by Disques Office
>fribourg (official release december)
>Its 63 min long, 11 compositions, all instrumental, loopy, hypnotic and
>From the liner:
>This was recorded in two days, mixed in seven during aug/sept 2001 at
>studio ARTEFAX in Lausanne Switzerland by Bernie Amaudruz. All music was
>performed/recorded in realtime as a live performance. This recording is
>totally faithful to the variety, excitement or boredom you may
>experience seeing me playing live. SeeWhat? is a solo project of Claude
>Voit. Sequencers, loopers, analog and digital processes, midi
>automations/processes, midi pickups, slides, needles, bows etc... were
>used and triggered by hand and feets. But, the start of any sound is the
>acoustic guitar.
>It is really hard for me to write about this music: my english is so
>limited and frankly, I've been playing and creating this music without
>any concious reference to labels,artists that may follow a similar path,
>I would like to send some cd's to anybody that would be eventually
>interested to make a colourfull review for the list in mature english.
>Merci beaucoup
>some links to my music for the Chaintape collective (mp3)
>and a cool review (in french) of one of my stage appearance
>And a lot more to come.....


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