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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

> On this last one, though, I have to differ.  While the term "soundscape" 
> have existed before being used by Fripp in the solo releases of the
> nineties, it was indeed Fripp that coined the term in the title for 
>"1999 -
> Soundscapes", unless of course he got suggestions to use the term and 
> talked about it.  Hell, I've still got the t-shirt I got at the House of
> Blues LA shows from 1997, which reads "Robert Fripp - 1999 Soundscapes".

The previously mentioned "The Tuning Of The World" was published in 1977
and the bookjacket credits Murray Schafer for the coining of the term 

While I named "on Land" (1982) as a good example of soundscapes, Eno was
still using the term "landscape" as a reference to the music on the album.

I can't pinpoint the first usage of "soundscapes" as a musical term but 
an installation we (dreamSTATE) created in 1996 was described in our 
as an "ambient electronic soundscape" and the phrase was used on the cover 
the CD recording of that installation released in 1998. I'm making no 
claims to the
term but pointing out its "common" usage prior to 1999. 

Fripp just used the word as a descriptive title for his series of releases 
just as
I could release a CD titled "dreamSTATE - 2001 Blues" recorded at the
House Of Soundscapes, and have no claim to the genre term "Blues".   ;-)

Scott M2