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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

<Hedewa7@aol.com> put forth:

> spg,
> >I don't after all have my cd collection/etc. here in the UK, but I 
> >that there was something from Fripp on this during the "Drive to 1984",
> >either on the liner notes for (I think) "Under Heavy Manners/God Save 
> >Queen" or one of the articles he did for Musician or Guitar Player.  At
> >the time lots of us were trying to catch his store performances
> wouldn't know:
> i was not amongst the folk trying to catch those performances.
> in fact --- wauuugh --- the only times i've heard rf playing 'live' was
> 'blue' and kc toured japan, together, 2 years ago --- and, once, the year
> before that, in a studio.

Well, I was using the word 'we' incorrectly no doubt, as I'm in my mid-40s
now, and the episode above was 1980.

> <snipping>
> >As we know now there was a lot of necessary maneuvering going on in the
> >background, involving what we came to know as "a trilogy", namely the
> >unreleased "Sacred Songs", Peter Gabriel's second album (containing
> >"Exposure"), and RF's own "Exposure" LP, the last of which has been
> >to be his compilation of sorts of all the material he was working on.
> >Tellingly, a lot of the songs on "Sacred Songs" are also on "Exposure",
> >though they are mixed a bit differently, and have different 
> ..... i'm not familiar w/that stuff, but for the pg record --- which i

I highly recommend all of the above to anyone who's never heard them.


> >Out of sheer fun I called what I started doing with my old DDS 7.6 in
> >"SpudTronics", though I never used the word on anything other than my
> >QuadraVerb's front panel for patch descriptions.
> so, then you do count yourself as one of those who uses
> 'soundscapes/frippertronics' as your model, right?

My 'model'?  Not in the least.  I'm more influenced by Eno with respect to
this - though for me the Eno/Fripp duo is a kind of yin/yang relationship,
and I'll always look forward to the results of their work together.  I 
it's much more accurate to say that I count both Eno and Fripp (and others
of course) as influences.  My finding of the DDS 7.6 was something I'd just
figured out after having banged my head on the question of "How the @#$% do
you get a tape loop effect of longer than 1.5 seconds without (1) spending
nearly $1000 at the time, or (2) dealing with all the troubles associated
with actual tape looping?"  I thank my lucky stars (if I have any) that I
didn't sink into a vintage tool like the Space Echo or the Echoplex.  My 
7.6 was used when I bought it in 1992, and it's still chugging along.  I
don't let it stay on for several days at a time anymore though. :)

In any event I was looking for something that *I* could get my own distinct
sound out of, as opposed to attempting to replicate the work of either 
or Eno.  I threw out or erased more material I'd composed just because it
sounded like someone else's stuff - then I learned how U2 made millions
doing the exact opposite.  So it goes.

Rev. Norle Enturbulata
"Church" of Cartoonism
Comedy Saves!  $cientology Enslaves!