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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

>just-john@just-john.com writes:
>>And this is Adrian Belew we're talking about.  Remember in Laurie
>>Anderson's "Home of the Brave" vid where he plays a guitar with a spatula
>>and barbecue tongs?
>that was a guitar designed by laurie a., wasn't it?

don't know ...  I've always assumed there was more guitar in that,
including the one with the bendy neck.

(Reminded me of in the late 1970s, when a relatively local metal band
called Good Rats had guitarists with matching Les Paul Customs* and the
lead singer had a foam rubber cutout of the same model.  So when they did
their "dual solo" ** bit, the singer was there, end of his "guitar"
flopping about ...)

*One would think that "custom" would sort of counter the "matching" bit,
wouldn't one?

**That band was just a huge heap of contradictions, now that I think of it.
A metal band with deep Gershwin influences?  Still one of my faves.
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