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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

Don't take what you saw in that movie too seriously.  As having worked on 
Home of The Brave, I will tell you a secret: They were all props.  The 
was totally staged.  Audience?  Paid extras.  Most of the audio had been
recorded before a single image went to celuloid.

Good movie?  You bet, I loved it.  Angry that although I worked for free 
as an
intern and got not a mention on fhe credits?  Sure was.  Hell, getting to
bullshit with Adrian Belew on a daily basis sure is sweet, though.  Adrian 
truely a nice guy, as were most of the musicians.  My one regret was that I
was young and spent most of the time stymied.

On the down side, I hate most of her new album (some loop content, as 
Couldn't get Bright Red out of my CD player, but half the songs on Life on 
String are unlistenable to me.  Sigh.  That's just me though, as I hated 
of Strange Angels, and others here liked it and didn't like Bright Red.  
going to take the stuff I like from both albums and make one good one 
Strange String.

BTW, while were're on the King Crimson topic, I LOVE Level Five and also 
"techno" album bpm&m.  (loop content on both) bpm&m is worth it for the
cartoons on the linernotes alone.  Behind the CD is an illustration of a 
"fly" Robert Fripp.  You'll have to get it to see what I mean.  VERY funny.

Mark Sottilaro

just john wrote:

> >just-john@just-john.com writes:
> >
> >>And this is Adrian Belew we're talking about.  Remember in Laurie
> >>Anderson's "Home of the Brave" vid where he plays a guitar with a 
> >>and barbecue tongs?
> >that was a guitar designed by laurie a., wasn't it?
> don't know ...  I've always assumed there was more guitar in that,
> including the one with the bendy neck.
> (Reminded me of in the late 1970s, when a relatively local metal band
> called Good Rats had guitarists with matching Les Paul Customs* and the
> lead singer had a foam rubber cutout of the same model.  So when they did
> their "dual solo" ** bit, the singer was there, end of his "guitar"
> flopping about ...)
> *One would think that "custom" would sort of counter the "matching" bit,
> wouldn't one?
> **That band was just a huge heap of contradictions, now that I think of 
> A metal band with deep Gershwin influences?  Still one of my faves.
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