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FS Vintage Analogs: EH and Korg

Two items for sale:

1. Original EH Bass Micro Synthesizer pedal - $350
I am selling this for a friend. it is an original 1970s NOS pedal that
has been used for recording a bit and is in *EXCELLENT* condition.
Original box, manual, flyers, even the original plastic still on the
front to protect it from scratching. A complete collector's piece at a
player's price.  If you've ever wanted an EH Bass Microsynth you will
not find a nicer sounding or looking one. This is NOT a reissue and
sounds *wonderful*.

It has two mods professionally done by a tube amp and guitar technician.
They are clean and work 100%. According to my friend one is a knob for
input level and the other is a knob for wet/dry mix. These are very
useful mods (one reason it was used for recording) and I cannot stress
enough that these are not hacked in but are professionally designed and
done by someone who knows the unit well. (They also look great IMO)

Full pictures of unit, mods, papers, etc at:

2. Korg VC10 Vintage Analog Vocoder

Part of the classic MS series this is a polyphonic vocoder with internal
carrier, keyboard, VU meter, and a few extras such as adjustable
Vibrato, Ensemble (similar to a chorus type effect),  pitch settings,
etc. It sounds *wonderful* in a classic full, warm analog type of way.
Of course,  you can also patch in an external carrier signal.

More info on this model can be found at:

This unit is in top, top shape cosmetically and functionally. Definitely
collector's quality and ultra clean. Everything has been tested and it's
100% working and looking great as well. I bought it from a dealer and it
has remained covered in my no smoking home studio ever since.

It comes with a copy of the owner's manual and the original gooseneck
microphone (very rare) although the mic needs some work as the bottom
connector is missing. The unit itself is Guaranteed 100% functional  on

Front, back, and side pictures of this baby are up at:

I had a buyer at $750 a few months ago but they jerked me around. Then
another feel through. I do NOT want to ebay this (last one I saw there
sold for $750) I will sell this for $600 OBO, again on a NO BS sale
confirmed via phone.

Prices are very reasonable but I will also entertain SERIOUS offers as
well. We don't need either of these pieces right now and I'm selling
them to clear out some room. All sales are on prepay (or pickup in phila
PA which is by far preferred!). References out the wazoo. Ask any
questions you want and send your # to speed things up. Buyer pays
shipping (I will pack extremely well for free).  I can accept Paypal
from confirmed buyers if you pick up the fees or we negotiate
something.  Trades possibly but there's really nothing that I need
unfortunately (outside of a Casio PG800 guitar, maybe a Nord modular
full version) but I'll entertain offers if you're game and patient.

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