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EDP service under Gibson. How is it?

Hey folks... It's been a while. I first surfed the L-D list 5 years ago or
so when I was waiting for my 3 echoplexes... for 10 months. 

I just sent all three in to Gibson for some lovin' and I was wondering if
anyone had any experience with EDP service now that it's run by Gibson. I'm
hoping for a much better experience, but I'm a little worried because I
can't get a hold of Shane. 

(Keep in mind that in my last dealings with Oberheim, the plant moved, key
echoplex people quit or got fired, etc. So I'm completely paranoid. When my
EDP's finally did get to me, one had a broken potentiometer, one had a 
plate which was loose, and the footswitches were another 5 weeks after that
because they'd printed all the words upside down! Rather than send them in,
I phoned Mathias himself in South America and he was kind enough to help me
figure out that the problem was the potentiometer and tell me how to fix

I only sent them in this time because the Gibson folks seemed like they 
on top of things. I'm still hoping this is true. Anyone have experience

My EDP's have always been skittish and prone to bizarre behavior. Anyone
else found this? And there's the level's problem I'm hoping Shane can 
(In Kim's EDP FAQ, the solution is to "Change R30 from 82.5 K to a 22.1 K 
metal film resistor Change R10 from 2.21 K to a 10.0 K 1% metal film
resistor.")Has anyone done this?

Does anyone know if there's a new loop version beyond 5.0 in the works?

Thanks much, fellow EDP loopers! 

Also, let me know if you want to know how it turns out, for future

Chris Darrow, San Francisco. (Ken Cumali does not exist.)