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EDP development wish... Undo from the "bottom"

To any EDP developers, in case you still surf this list: What I wish for
most would be an undo parameter setting that allows me to undo from the
“bottom” (first material recorded) as well as the “top”. (That is to say,
subtracting the first layer of sounds without altering the volume of the
layers above it.) Understanding a little about the way the EDP uses memory
for undo currently; I think I have a foggy idea of how you could make it do
this, if you want clarification. User interface-wise, I'd love to see the
option to access this function two ways: A) by holding down another button
at the same, or B) re-assigning the mute button. 

An alternative to this would be a new parameter setting for Feedback use…
(provided you can figure out how to make the EDP subtract the first layer
without disturbing the top at all) I would love to see the Feedback 
do this as well. In fact, it could have two “automatic” settings which 
enable one to have both instantiations of feedback control. Four settings
total. I’ll try to explain all this…

Setting One:  Feedback in Loop mode is as it is now. 100% keeps the whole
loop, 50% fades the whole loop by about half the volume with the first
sounds you recorded dissapearing, 0% fades the whole loop out. Setting Two:
Feedback in Loop mode is as I described above. At roughly 90% the first few
“packets” (sections of sound as registered by the noise gate, as in the
normal undo) are deleted entirely but the rest of it remains at the same
volume. At roughly 10%, all but the last few “packets of sound” are deleted
(provided there is enough memory, of course) while the last few sounds
recorded remain at the same volume. 

Now for the “Automatic” settings where you get both types… If it is 
to divide the 100% into two sections, you could have 100% to 90% act as a
sort of “On switch” for this second type of feedback I’m suggesting. So, 
up on the Feedback pedal a only a little bit and you loose a percentage of
“the bottom” of your loop each round (without altering the volume of later
recorded sounds) until you put it back, to 100%. But if you depress the
pedal below 90%, you can still fade your whole loop out at a variable rate.
That would be the 3rd type of Feedback. The 4th type of Feedback would be
the reverse of this. 

Hope that all made some sort of sense… you might have to read it two or
three times. Let me know if you have further questions, and thank you so
much for the best looping tool in the world.