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Kyma onTour

I got this posting and thought the LD list might be interested in it (think
of it as a gig announcement):

 Symbolic Sound Corporation will be unveiling some new synthesis algorithms
and presenting a 2-hour demo of the Kyma sound-design workstation in 10
cities from November 26 through December 6, 2001. For full details, please
visit http://www.symbolicsound.com/press-DemoTour01.html

Since you can't find a Kyma in any music store, this is a good opportunity
to hear one.  Especially as Carla Scaletti (president of Symbolic Sound) is
quite a musician.  From their website: "In a former life, i.e. during the
70's, she worked as a symphony harpist and wrote music for acoustic
instruments...but that was before she first stumbled across an ARP2600..."

BTW: The ten cities are:
Mon 11/26 St. Louis MO
Tue  11/27 Nashville TN
Wed 11/28 Atlanta GA
Thu 11/29 Raleigh/Durham NC
Fri 11/30 Washington DC
Sat 12/01 New York NY
Mon 12/03 Pittsburgh PA
Tue 12/04 Cleveland OH
Wed 12/05 Detroit MI
Thu 12/06 Chicago IL

Dennis Leas