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Brain Kenny! From FRESNO, GOD DAMNIT!


I ventured out to see a band called ROBOTARM tonight, very nice 
"Frithesque" music, and after they performed a Warr Guitarist and JamMan 
user named Brian Kenny played.  Amazing use of a looping device by a 
very sick individual.  This guy is for sure channeling the spirit of 
Frank  Zappa.  A must see if he's traveling in your area.  Here's his 


Mark Sottilaro

On Saturday, November 10, 2001, at 07:46 PM, Christensen, Mark wrote:

> Just in case anyone is curious, I've just posted MP3 audio of the entire
> 11/3 concert I did.
> Lots of looping (guitar, flute, temple gongs and voice into a Jamman and
> then mangled by a filter factory and vortex).
> http://community.middlebury.edu/~mchriste/11-3.htm
> Enjoy?!
> m