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Fw: [eventidehelps] Re: More on MIDI Controllers

Hello list,
I just wanted to bring to the groups attention Eventide is interested in
ideas from this community for an
Eventide MIDI  Footcontroller.
Italo would appreciate comments, ideas, wish list's etc from people who
might like to contribute to this project.
At the Eventide mailing list at Yahoo.

To: <eventidehelps@yahoogroups.com>
Loopers are very welcome
Regards to all

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From: "Italo De Angelis" <italoop@libero.it>
To: <eventidehelps@yahoogroups.com>
Sent: Friday, November 09, 2001 2:31 AM
Subject: [eventidehelps] Re: More on MIDI Controllers

> Hello Steven
> I always follow Loopers Delight discussions. We at Eventide think
> that quality has a price that many don't seem to want to spend on it.
> This is a common character we found in many discussion groups.
> An Eventide Midi pedalboard, with advanced features,  of course is
> not going to be cheap as a Midiwizard or the likes...this has to be
> clear.
> But anyways, we would much appreciate any report, wish list and
> suggestion from just about anybody HERE in the Support Group.
> Why don't YOU bring some loopers over here to join the thread?
> Thank You very much
> best regards
> Italo De Angelis
 In eventidehelps@y..., "Steven" <stevenw@c...> wrote:
 Really this topic gets a regular bashing on www.loopersdelight.com
 and there  is so many people on Kim Flint's list who know so much and 
 also  contribute to  this topic and are sick of trying to keep old
 footcontrollers  going.