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RE: Max in hardware?

>My MTP runs solid either in stand alone mode (for live gigs) or when
>connected to my Mac with the USB cable.  The only thing I have to do
>occasionally is to hit the panic button when a Note On message was sent
>but not shut Off.

that's perfectly acceptable to me...

>I don't know about the Studio 5 and how it compares to the MTP but I do
>know that one thing the MTP has that almost no other midi patchbay
>(except MSB+ or DMC) has is the ability to send out multiple
>preprogrammed strings of CC's, PC's and Sysex, all saved in a patch
>(with a Midi Cannon Message) that can be recalled with a simple patch
>change message, sort of like what the PMC10 can do.  The one catch is
>that you can only program the MTP to this extent using an app called
>Clockworks which only runs on the Mac.

the Studio 5 can do this and a lot more.  You can make complex
switching trees for routing, each node being a multiway decision.

You can create virtual instruments and assign a single real instrument
coming in to a complex set of MIDI instruments depending on all
sorts of things, velocity, note number, etc.

shame, shame it never lived up to its potential.


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